Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Off The Beaten Path

I love watching some of the videos from CBS News Sunday Morning. The minute or two of a nature scene with no sound but the rustling wind and bird calls are so calming. This one was more of a informational nature video about the byways of America. After watching it, I was reminded of all the times that Carroll and I would do our best to get off the beaten path. There is always so much more to see at a slower speed than what you can glimpse at seventy miles an hour.

We loved to watch Texas Country Reporter with Bob Phillips (now he's bringing along his wife Kelli) and we even had a atlas that they had put out (I think TCR did it) with every Texas road, farm-to-market and wagon rut that would support a vehicle. The word vehicle was used very loosely to accommodate many types of conveyance. With the help of that book, we got to see Texas fox hunts (coyotes filled in) and dinosaur tracks and so many other sights.

This summer I hope to introduce my daughter to some of these amazing scenes by riding the roads like me and her mama did. And mama will still be there with us smiling down and enjoying the ride.