Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Game is Afoot: The Dallas/Ft. Worth Brain Tumor Society 5K Walk

I wouldn’t normally look forward to this time of year because it always reminded me of what Carroll and I were dealing with. Now, I look forward to it because it gives me the chance to tap into Carroll’s spirit of giving and help fight the war against this disease.

The event is being held on November 8, 2014 which is a Saturday. It’s looks to be even larger than last year and I love being a part P1010202of it. I already have a few team members and would love to have some more. Not only to walk with us, but to help raise money. You can donate to me or you can join the team and get your own web page to take donations on. Follow our Facebook page at This is the easiest way to keep up, even if you don’t have a Facebook page. When you register, I’ll send an email to the one you logged in with. I’ll keep them to about every 2 to 3 weeks and if you want to opt out, just let me know.

We will also have a t-shirts provided free this year. It would seem that we won a contest of sorts and all we have to do is submit a design and the organization will pay for the production of the shirts.

So, go to We Are Team Kiwi and register to help fund raise and walk with us, or you can go to my personal page at James Pickering to donate. Regardless, please pass this message on to anyone that can be of help to this cause. I have seen too many people lose their lives to brain cancer in the last few years and I want to be a part of the generation that stops it in it’s tracks. Help me do that. Please. For me, my daughter, and my wife, Kiwi.