Monday, July 17, 2017

Getting Back to Remembering

I've been so busy with my comic book store over the last three years that I've neglected this website and I'm sorry. The whole reason for doing it was to give me a place to collect memories of Carroll and maybe Lilly would use it later for a place to learn more about Mama, as well as you folks.

It was ten years ago on July 14th that they removed the mass in Carroll's temple. I thank the skill of Dr. Cattorini for helping give my wife two and a half more years to live. May 10th would have been her 45th birthday. January 30th would have had us celebrating our 12th anniversary, she would have eaten birthday cake with Lilly on her 7th birthday January 2nd, and of course, it was four years ago on February 3rd that she went ahead of us. I hadn't really thought how I say that until I saw it in print. She left us. Sounds like she did it on purpose and we all know that is not the case.

Anyway, I happened to be cruising my Facebook feed and came across this video. The song is one that I played at the funeral. It was a favorite of mine and Carroll's and it's where Carroll resides, somewhere over the rainbow.

The story behind the singer is tragic and lends to the solemnity of the song. In the video you can see how much the singer was loved and how many people turned out for the ceremony interning his ashes to the ocean. Beautiful song, beautiful video.

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