Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, My Love!

Happy Birthday to my loving departed. She would have been forty-two this year. The mother of a beautiful, smart, active four year old daughter. Still, doing her best to make sure everyone else was taken care of. In a way, I picture her doing that from on high as she rides butterflies, as Lilly puts it. She joined Grandpa Jim, and since, has been joined by Uncle Jeremy, her brother-in-law. Lilly and I say goodnight to them at every bedtime. She sleeps better knowing that we've talked to them. I want to write more, but it's hard. Over a year gone and it is still hard to comprehend. We didn't have a birthday party for her like we did last year. Graduations are going on around us, Mother's Day, more birthdays, and life in general. I figure everyone will remember her in their own way, but I would like to remind everyone of how giving she was and ask that you give in some way to someone else. Not today, but somewhere in the near future. Love to all. We miss you, Mama.
Carroll and Julie DeChristefaro on Vacation
The photo is of Carroll and her friend, Julie, on vacation and having some fun with a portrait. Troublemakers.


  1. I am so glad I was blessed with the opportunity to meet you more I am blessed w my lilly bee. She is always telling me when she sees you and we talk. We miss and love you and you will forever live in our memories and most importantly in our hearts. Happy mommy's day make sure you tell my grandma's that are flying w you the same and always know Maggie is going to paint my nails ha ha I learned from my own experience love ya

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